Writing On The Heart

March 18, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Jeremiah 31:31-35 |


Most of us know something about God.  We may be confident about that knowledge or we may hold it tentatively.  Regardless, all of us have something in our heart that moves us and motivates us to love of neighbor.  It may be near the surface of our lives or deep down in our hearts.  In times of crisis, not only those who hold the same doctrine as you do, but people of great diversity all find it in their heart to be compassionate and loving toward their neighbors.  Jeremiah reminds us that God promised that we would no longer have to tell one another to "Know the Lord" but that God would write law of love on our hearts, forgive our sin, and remember it no longer.  Wouldn't you like to live as though this were already true?

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