Current Adult Education Course Offerings


January 6 – February 17, Sundays after worship in the Chapel. The Challenge of Paul is a video-based discussion series to get us talking about the message of Paul. How does it relate to “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all?” How does it speak to “inalienable rights?”  What is the meaning of the Gospel in Empires today?

There are eight video segments: four on Paul and four on Paul and Luke. These short video clips provide inspiration for thought and discussion. We will be asking what this means for the church in North America, and what it means for Central Presbyterians seeking to live out the faith of Jesus in our time and place. While each segment in the series informs a deeper understanding of Paul, each discussion will be meaningful on its own. You do not have to come to all of them. Take them all in or come when you can.




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